C4 Carbon

C4 was founded in February 1986 in order to create and build carbon fiber projects by engineer Marco Bonfanti. The first pieces made were bike racing frames and forks. C4 had always used its own system of molding the carbon structures: NJC – No Joint Construction, which enables the building of hollow structures without joints.

The onset in cycling competitions took place in the May of 1987, as the Bianchi racing team rode the time trial stages of the Giro d ‘Italia on bikes designed and built by C4. These were a world preview of special features such as monocoque carbon technique.
In the October of 1987, at the Milano Cycle Fair, C4 displayed the first wheels with carbon spokes in the world. The Fair in 1993 presented a new C4 bike, the model 47.61, with a unique frame which could cover all sizes from 47 to 61.

In the year 1994 C4 was the primary sponsor of the professional cycling team Polti, including Gianni Bugno and Ivan Gotti among others. The Cologne Trade Fair in 1996 saw the first appearance of the CLASS frame, the first in the world to break the kilogram weight of a series produced frame.

Also there is a rumor that even Marco Pantani used C4 frames for time trial.

Since the Millenium, C4 focused on the making of carbon fiber diving equipments, which provided quite a series of world records in the underwater sport scene.


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